Rule the roads and turn your ride into a moving piece of branded art. Bonus: look great for speed cameras!

We’ll wrap any vehicle from excavators, utes, tradie trailers to your Gran’s motorised scooter. We’ll manage the design, print and install (everything except filling it up). A fully wrapped vehicle is also a great deterrent for would be thieves, and if there’s no stopping them, well, you’ve got some free advertising.

As long as you don’t drive like a tool, wherever and whenever you are, you’ll be advertising your brand without trying. On the weekends, in the evenings, or parked at the pub (just don’t leave it there for too long).

Get creative, we really love to push the boundaries here, and our talented designers will help you turn an idea into a moving breathtaking reality. Of course, if you’ve got the creative capacity of a tree stump, let us handle the whole thing, we got you.


Ecowise Homes wasn’t sure about standing out too much, but we talked, and they ended up with something that’s turning heads right of their necks. His Ute is now a 24/7 billboard that has had a huge impact on their brand, sales, and of course their positive cash flow. The cost of the wrap was essentially paid for in 1 new business call.

Broadway Builders – we wrapped their trailers instead of their utes so that they could use their utes for multiple purposes. The results were mighty fine looking trailers with mighty fine practicality.