Events & Gigs

Remind people where the hell they are and why they’re having such an awesome time.

As branding specialists as well as avid punters, we bloody love festivals and gigs. We understand the audience, the vibe, and how simple things can make a massive difference. We’ll help grow your event and make a lasting impression on your attendees (despite the hangovers).

By building your brand you attract bigger sponsors. What does that mean for you;

  • Bigger sponsors means;
  • More money;
  • More artists;
  • More ticket sales;
  • Bigger events, better events, more industry chatter about your events.

Then, rinse and repeat.

We’re a young and passionate team (sometimes too passionate), so we go to LOTS of festivals and gigs. We buy the merch, we drink the beer, we cheer the artists, we have a good time. We pretty much work this job to bankroll this expensive habit.

As such, with all of our experience and burned cash combined, we know how to make your event amazing, and a magnet for all the good Insta hashtags.


We’ve helped build Party in Paddock from 1500 party goers to 8000 over 5 years. We feel at home in a paddock – that’s where founder (and country boy) Shan does his best work. Maybe that’s the reason for the success of PITP.

We’re passionate about pushing boundaries and did so for this brand to do bigger stage branding, better merch (now world famous).

We amped up the VIP experience so much that the VIP they forgot they were probably standing in cowpats.

Wheels in Motion are one of the charities we support. Last year we helped them raise $75k in 1 day! We branded the event space – creating a fun and exciting place specially designed for people with spinal cord injuries.