Clothing and Merch

Improve appearances ten-fold with the right branding on the right clothing.

Trend up that tradie, spruce up that sports club, charm up that charity event, funk up that first birthday party. You get it, we get it, the right clothing and merch that will look great, sell your brand, and last.

We love pushing the boundaries to create cool stuff that works hard to sell your brand (no matter how unfortunate old mate looks after the ressies got a win over the weekend). Look the part, look sharp and look branded with premium merch that’s made to last.

Let your presentation be a reflection of your work!


North Central State Hockey Championships – we retired their dusty 20 year old red uniforms and replaced them with premium quality uniforms (same materials as the Hockey Roos). The shiny new uniforms created new sponsorship opportunities, increasing income and attention for the club.

At the first game the new look was all the talk, then closely followed by talk about the actual game. The team also took out the premiership last year. Coincidence? We think not.

For our builder friends we branded and bossed up the whole team with killer new jackets and caps. We ticked the box for site safety by ensuring the kit met the all the standards. As well as making the lads look like a bunch of suave operators, everyone felt much more like a united team. Reports are that the quality and comfort is that good, guys have been spotted wearing their jackets on the weekend as their fancy gear.